Consulting Services

Plasco clients demand a large-scale, powerful, and fully integrated identity management solution. From the initial needs assessment and statement of work through implementation and system lifecycle maintenance, we provide the latest technology and thorough, end-to-end support.

We’ve serviced the complex and ever-evolving needs of our enterprise customers with employee and visitor management, access control, asset and inventory tracking, data administration, and high-security environment solutions.

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To ensure accuracy and a streamlined workflow, we have established a three-phase structure for our consulting services. Our progressive approach allows us to consistently deliver on-time and on-budget. Our process incorporates flexibility, solidifies expectations, and supports continuous collaboration with you and your team to help achieve optimal efficiency.

The three phrases of our consulting process:


checkbox-icon   Phase 1 – Research and requirements: We work directly with you and your key stakeholders to understand your needs, define requirements, and develop a statement of work

checkbox-icon   Phase 2 – Design and development : Based on collaborative efforts, we dynamically create the optimal solution for your organization

checkbox-icon   Phase 3 – Production and deployment: We ensure all aspects of the proposed solution are engineered accurately and delivered promptly

We’ve networked multiple systems across diverse corporate campuses, cohesively connecting multiple buildings, within multiple cities, and even multiple countries. Whatever your identification management needs are, Plasco ID will help you architect a system that accommodates your organization’s unique and sophisticated needs.